This water-free face balm for mature and dry skin combines cold-pressed organic oils of Pomegranate Seeds, Rosehip and Argan, known to delay and reduce signs of skin-ageing.

Pure essential oils of Vetiver, Geranium and Ylang Ylang give this balm a sensual fragrance with aromatherapeutic properties (calm, balanced, sensual) 


Our face balms do not contain water and therefore do not contain emulsifiers or preservatives. They are made with organic Shea butter, Jojoba Oil and high quality botanical oils. Nothing else.


For best results it is recommended to apply the balm on wet skin, e.g. after cleaning. 


100% natural and vegan


30 ml glass bottle



Why are our Face Balms Water-Free?

Traditionally creams and lotions are an emulsion of water and oil. Such an emulsion requires a chemical agent, an emulsifier, which is often mineral-oil based and prone to clog pores. Synthetic emulsifiers are cheap and used widely in all levels from low to high price cosmetics. 


On the other hand, an emulsion that contains water needs preservatives to inhibit microbial contamination before and during use. Parabens are an example of widely used preservatives which have the potential to interfere with our hormone system.


A water-free formula is naturally protected from bacterial and fungal contamination, as microoragnisms can not grow without water. Also it doesn´t require any other chemical additives that are solely needed for emulsification, stabilization etc. 




Rosehip Face Balm