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How to use natural soap for hair

Washing your hair with natural soap requires a different technique than with tenside-based shampoo. Its all about proper lathering and rinsing:


1. Wet your hair and the bar of soap thoroughly


2. Hold the soap in your hand and apply it from your crown to the tips of your hair with several strokes (10-30 strokes). Applying the soap to the lengths of your hair is important (you usually shouldn't do it with normal shampoo)


3. Now its all about lathering. Natural soap is thirsty, so take more water with your hands and stroke your hair with your fingertips until you have a very fluffy foam (it has the right texture when you make your shower messy with it). Avoid to bring your hair in disorder, linear stroking with your fingertips from crown to tips work very well.

4. Rinse with warm (!) water until it feels squeaky. Rinse a bit longer than you think is necessary


5. OPTIONAL:  Rinse your hair with 1 Liter of water that contains 2 tablespoons of apple vinegar or lemon juice. This neutralizes the alkaline pH and makes hair glossy


6. Wet hair is extremely fragile and breaks much more easily than dry hair. So avoid brushing it when wet and use only a coarse-toothed comb if needed.

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