Our Soaps are made in the middle of Italy where the warm mediterranean climate provides an abundance of wonderful natural ingredients. Here in the hills of Umbria surrounded by ancient olive groves, we harvest aromatic herbs like rosemary and lavender that thrive next to thyme and mint in the shade of fragrant cypresses and pines. Those natural fragrances are carefully extracted by the use of traditional water steam distillation or oil maceration to give our soaps their aroma and special attributes.



What is Natural Soap?

The basic recipe of soap consists of three natural ingredients: oil, water, and sodium hydroxide. The product of this simple and ancient recipe is so-called "natural soap" and differs substantially from soap we know from the supermarket shelf. One of the main differences is that natural soap still contains glycerol, a byproduct of the saponification process and a great moisturizer. In industrial manufacturing, glycerol is usually removed from the soap to be sold separately.



The Art of Soap Making

Each soap design starts with a careful selection of organic vegetable oils and plant butter with a focus on the optimal balance between skin conditioning and cleansing efficiency. Each oil influences texture, stability, and abundance of lather.
In the next step, we choose natural colorants such as oil infusions, plant powders or lovely colorful clays from France and Sicily.
In the end, and this is always the most difficult part, we design an essential oil blend. Sometimes it takes days of mixing, sniffing, discarding and start all over again until a pleasant fragrance is found. We do not use artificial perfumes but exclusively essential oils and extracts from flowers, leaves, resins, and wood.

The actual soap making is then performed by the so-called cold-process method in which temperatures are kept as cool as possible to maintain the quality of the ingredients. Using this technique requires to cure the soap for at least 4 weeks before it can be used. In this time the chemical reaction of oil and lye is completed and the soap becomes milder and also harder in consistency.


Our core principles of soap making are:


100 % organic

no artificial colorants or perfumes

no palm or mineral oil

fully biodegradable

animal-cruelty free

plastic free



Browse through our small collection of handmade natural soap and learn more about the precious additives that make each bar so special. Enjoy.




Soothing for body and mind with hand-distilled lavender essential oil from Umbria.

SF 7%



70% olive oil and an irresistible essential oil blend of aged patchouli and peppermint
SF 6%



Changing Designs, come and look!



Invigorating hand and body soap with fragrant pine and cedarwood oil
SF 5%



Special soap bar for hair with aloe vera, nettle and castor oil for all hair types

SF 10%

Beipielseife Hartl.jpg


Soap of your choice with customizable labels ideal for special events and corporate gifts



Wildcrafted Marigold and cocoa butter indulge dry and stressed hands

SF 9%



Seal salt soap bar with organic honey and Nigella oil for sensitive and problematic skin

SF 14%

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