For many of us, lavender is the ultimate fragrance of the Mediterranean. It has this enchanting aroma of summer, serenity, and comfort that calms the mind. Who doesn´t love lavender?


Our lavender soap is made with essential oil that we distill from organic lavender grown here in Umbria. We gather the flowers by hand, give them a few days of drying in the shade before we distill the oil with a handcrafted copper distiller.
With this method, we produce small batches of several 100 ml oil each year of which we can make only a limited amount of soap. A very special soap indeed and a piece of love for us and our environment.




Oils: Coconut, Olive, Rice, Shea butter, Castor oil 

Colorant: Alkanna root powder

Fragrance: Lavender angustifolia essential oil



Superfat 6%



6,- EUR / piece (ca. 95g)



Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, native coconut oil, rice bran oil, native shea butter,  castor oil, lavender essential oil, sugar, citric, acid, alkanna root powder, sodium lactate


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