SALT SOAP  (non vegan)


Salt soap contains 50% natural sea salt and cleanses very gently all skin types including neurodermitis or acne-prone skin. Our salt soap is made with organic honey and nourishing Nigella oil. Non comedogen. Parfume-free. 

Key ingredients:


Sea Salt is high in minerals and helps to hydrate skin by attracting and binding water.

Nigella (Black Cumin) oil soothes irritation and reduces clogged pores

Honey has anti-bacterial properties and is a great complexion booster

Babassu oil for efficient cleaning without clogging pores

Castor oil (cold-pressed and unrefined ) rehydrates skin and stimulates renewal of epidermis 

Shea Butter hydrates and calms stressed skin





Oils: babassu oil, cold pressed castor, shea butter, nigella oil lanolin 

Colorant: none

Fragrance: none


Superfat 14% 


6,- EUR / piece (ca. 45g)

12,- EUR/piece with handmade organic linen bag



Ingredients: sea salt, babassu oil, shea butter, castor oil, honey, nigella sativa oil, lanolin, citric acid

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