People love patchouli...or ...they don´t. With the association of the seventies and Hippie vibes, patchouli has got its branding. But not all patchouli is equal, the essential oil has a wide range of aromatic notes depending on the origin, the quality and age. Our patchouli is produced under certified organic conditions in Sumatra and is aged for several years. Its exotic, earthy and smoky aroma mixes well with peppermint oil which is a surprising twist. When using the soap, the peppermint scent arrives the nose first followed by a subtle warm patchouli note that stays on the skin for a little while.

The base of the soap is organic extra virgin olive oil here from Umbria. Olive oil soap becomes, like patchouli, better with age, so it's a good idea to combine these two, for happy aging together.



Oils: Olive (70%), Coconut, Castor 

Colorant: French green clay, iron oxides

Fragrance: Essential oils of patchouli, peppermint and orange


Superfat 6% 


6,- EUR / piece (ca. 95g)



Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, native coconut oil, sugar, essential oils of patchoulii, peppermint and sweet orange, sodium lactate, acetic acid

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